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The Emily Convertible Futon Review: Is It A Worthy Futon?

Though futon started out as only a mattress that can be rolled up and stored at when not in use, futons these days are much more than that. In the 21st century, futons are not only a mattress but a futon frame with a cushion or futon pad. Futons come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. Because of their flexibility and versatility, people are now choosing them more than ever.


If you do not know, futons at simplest is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as both a sofa and bed. Futons are a great alternative to a shortage of space for beds. They are excellent for use in living room, office, studio and as a secondary bed.


Though there are hundreds of futons in the market, currently DHP’s Emily convertible futon is getting many buzzes. In this article, I shall offer you a comprehensive review on Emily convertible futon along with its features and flaws.


DHP (Dorel Home Products) is a world-renowned manufacturer company that produces high-quality home and lifestyle products. One of their specialties is futons. Futons are a very versatile piece of furniture that can serve multiple purposes. You can either use it as a bed or a couch. DHP has been producing futons for more than 25 years. Throughout this whole time, DHP developed their futons with the best quality materials collected from the entire world. Whether you are looking for a small, cheap futon or a gorgeous one, DHP can be the best option for you.


DHP futons vary in colors, shapes, and styles. With hundreds of models to choose from, you will surely find one that suits perfectly with your interior. Unlike the past days, now there are many companies producing futons every day. However, all of them don’t provide the same quality. The features that differentiate DHP from other typical manufacturers are:


  • DHP futons are multifunctional. They can be used in three positions: sofa, lounge, and bed. So, you can relax on them however you want.
  • The construction material is very sturdy yet lightweight. DHP collects the very best raw material from every nook and corner in the world. That’s why DHP’s futons are very durable and last for a long time.
  • The mattress is filled with premium quality foam, cotton, and polyester. The cover is made of faux leather which adds durability to the futon.
  • The assembly is very easy and straightforward. An instruction manual is sent with the futon in a package. You just need to follow the directions from the instruction manual. No additional tools are required. Everything is shipped with the futon.
  • DHP is a trusted brand that has served millions of customers over the world. They provide a 1-year warranty with their futons. So, there is no reason to doubt them.

What is DHP?

Dorel Home Products, commonly known as DHP, is a branch of the renowned Dorel Industries. DHP mainly manufactures home product items, bicycles as well as juvenile items. Dorel Home Products now suits as a leader in producing lifestyle and safety products. Their products are mainly in the Bicycle and Juvenile category. A vast array of trending, widespread and innovative products has made DHP the best in this field.


DHP’s products are both home manufactured and imported. DHP’s facilities are now in almost 25 countries worldwide, and more than 10,000 people are currently employed.


Why do people choose DHP’s futons?

All of DHP’s products come at an affordable price range. Emily Convertible Faux Leather futon isn’t different either. Comparing with the price, this futon is a real gold! It has a modern style that matches any interior décor. The futon is multifunctional and can be used as couch, lounge and a bed. The tufted upholstery adds a classic look to the futon. The faux leather cover provides durability to the futon while the chrome metal legs add shine to it.


Emily convertible futon is made of a split back design. It lets you relax on the futon at your own desired comfort level. You can either sit upright, lounge back or lie down and watch a movie. You can also unfold both sides to turn the futon into a luxurious bed. It is an excellent option for unexpected overnight guests too.


When assembled, the sofa dimensions are 71″L x 34″W x 32″H while the bed dimensions are 71″L x 43″W x 16” H. So, it has the perfect dimension to fit into any small area, office or guest room. The futon also weighs only 75 pounds which are deemed as very lightweight. You can move the futon from place to place effortlessly.

After placing an order, the futon is shipped directly to your doorstep. You don’t need to go through any hassle at all. The futon will be shipped in a convenient package with all the tools you need to assemble it. You just need to follow the directions of the instruction manual. Assembly from start to finish may take only some minutes at the top.


  • DHP covers a broad array of futons with different styles, shapes, and sizes. Whether you are looking for a small futon that can be used in a small space or a cool, gorgeous one for your apartment, DHP can be your best option.
  • DHP always ensures that their futons are manufactured with the very best frame materials, mattresses, and upholstery. When it comes to quality, you can surely have your faith in them.
  • For a small place, nothing beats the compact design of DHP’s futons.
  • With DHP’s futons, you can get the latest trends and top quality materials without sacrificing comfort.
  • Being in this business for more than a quarter of a century has indeed made DHP one of the leading brands in this field.


Emily Convertible Futon:

DHP has promised their customers to give high-quality, unique furniture at an affordable price range. Emily convertible futon is one of the most popular models of DHP’s futons. It is a multifunctional futon aka sleeper sofa, that has an appealing modern look. This futon is designed in a low profile manner.


The upholstery is tufted and thus, provides a classical look to the futon. The cover is made from faux leather which adds durability to the futon. It is also straightforward to clean. The chrome legs not only provide excellent weight support but also adds shine to the appearance of the sleeper sofa. It is merely great for any living space.


For the split back design of the Emily convertible futon, you and your friends can enjoy the sleeper sofa with a separate comfort level. Whether you wish to sit upright and work or lounge back to watch a movie, nothing can provide you the comfort of Emily convertible futon.


You can also unfold both sides to use it as a regular size comfortable bed. It is an excellent option when you are having unexpected guests. The design is very compact and sleek so that it can fit in a small area nicely. The assembly of the futon is also very straightforward. You only need to follow the directions given with the box. When ordered, the full futon will come at your place in a convenient box.



  • This futon offers a classic modern look and has a modern appearance that suits any interior. The futon is cherished for its sleek and compact design. The tufted upholstery also makes it more desirable.
  • The chrome legs not only provide tremendous support but also adds a gorgeous look. These legs add shine to the design. They are also very durable and can bear up to 600 pounds. So, two or three adults can relax on it happily.
  • It is not just a futon but also a multifunctional sleeper sofa. The split back design lets you relax with individual comfort preference. You can even unfold the two parts and use it as a regular size comfortable bed.
  • For the complete set, you can add matching chaise, chair as well as ottomans. This set is enough to turn your drawing room into a gorgeous place everyone desires.
  • The sleeper sofa can support of up to 600 lbs. of weight.
  • Dimension (when folded): 32x71x34 inches.
  • The seat has a height of 16 inches and a depth of 23 inches.
  • Very easy to maintain. Converts from sofa to bed effortlessly.
  • Comes in different colors, so you have the liberty to choose the one that best fits your décor.
  • The Emily Convertible futon The tufted upholstery brings a classic look to it.
  • Multifunctional futon. It can be used as a sofa, lounge, as well as a bed. You can relax in any way you want.
  • You can get additional chaise, chair, and ottoman for a complete set. This set alone is enough to make your room gorgeous.
  • The faux leather cover is very durable and very quick to maintain. You can spot clean it with a clean piece of cloth.
  • The size of the futon is perfect for any small room, living space or office. It is also very lightweight which makes this futon highly portable.


The futon is directly shipped to customer’s address in a convenient box. There is an instruction manual shipped with the futon. The assembly is rapid and doesn’t need any additional tools. Everything you need is sent with the futon. The whole futon is shipped in a convenient package. The package also includes a manufacturer guide to assemble the futon. following the directions, it will only take about 10 to 15 minutes to assemble the furniture.



  • Cons:
  • Some customers complained that the mattress is too hard for their taste.
  • According to some people, it may show peelings or cracks after a year of use.


In-depth features:

Let’s dive into some of the more detailed features of Emily convertible futon:


Multifunctional: Whether you call it a sleeper sofa or a futon, this multifunctional furniture will indeed provide you the best comfort. It can be converted from a sofa into a bed effortlessly within seconds.


Quick assembly: The futon ships with a convenient box which includes directions to assemble the futon. Following the instructions, you can construct the furniture within minutes.


Trustworthy: DHP is in this business for more than a quarter of a century. They have gained popularity and earned thousands of customers trust through their high-quality products. Emily convertible futon comes with a one-year limited warranty. So, what not to believe?


Minor Flaws:

  • Some customers think that the design can still be updated more in some aspects.
  • Not very great for a long time sofa or bed.


Final Verdict:

Though the futon has some minor flaws in its design, it is indeed one of the best futons you can get at an affordable price range. Emily convertible futon is manufactured with the best quality materials and latest design without sacrificing comfort. With the one-year warranty, Emily convertible futon stands out from thousand other futons in the market. The Emily Convertible Faux Leather futon is a combination of comfort, style, and modern appearance. Though it is incredibly cheap, the built-in quality is excellent. The futon is quite durable and made of premium quality materials. The upholstery is tufted and enhances the look of the futon. The faux leather cover adds durability to it.


The legs are made of chrome metals. They are not only pleasant to the eyes but also can bear 600 pounds of weight. The assembly of the futon is very straightforward and doesn’t need additional tools. Considering the price point, this futon assuredly provides a lot more than it costs.


Emily Convertible futon can be an excellent choice for you if you are realistic about your expectations. Surely it has some flaws. However, you can’t get anything better than Emily convertible futon at this price range. If you are looking for a cheap yet good quality futon, you will not regret buying it. All in all, I think this futon is worthy of investing in.