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The DHP Emily Convertible Futon Review: Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for a comfortable futon for your home, DHP can be the best option for you. DHP (Dorel Home Products) is a worldwide known brand for producing home and lifestyle products. However, their futons have brought them the most glory. DHP has been manufacturing high-quality futons for more than a quarter of 100 years. Through all this time, they steadily developed the structure and design of their futons without compromising the quality.


In these days, there are many companies that produce futons. You may wonder, why DHP is the most popular. Well, the main feature of DHP’s products is they are made of real quality materials collected from around the world. DHP prioritize not only in comfort but also in structure. As a result, DHP’s futons not only bring happiness to your life but also last for an extended period.


DHP (Dorel Home Products) is a part of Dorel industries, which specialize in producing home products, bicycles, and other beautiful decorative items. Being in the business for quite a time, DHP has become a leader in manufacturing lifestyle and home products. Their vast collection of innovative, fashionable home products has made a good impression on thousands of customers around the world. Their products are both imported and manufactured domestically.


DHP is quite famous for their vast array of trending, high-quality futons. They are manufacturing futons for more than a quarter of a century. Over the years, DHP has produced stylish and trending futons without sacrificing comfort. All of their futons are made from top materials that are collected from around the globe. As their futons have a variety of shapes, colors, and styles, you will indeed find a futon from DHP that best suits your need.


Whether you are looking for a small convenient futon or a gorgeous, expensive one DHP has you covered. Excellent quality materials, beautiful upholstery, faux leather cover and the multifunctional system has made DHP one of the top leaders in producing futons. In a word, when it comes to buying a futon, no company will serve you better than DHP.


Here are some characteristics of a DHP futon:

The futons are multifunctional. You can use them as couch, lounge, and bed. High functionality makes these futons the best in the first place. They are very versatile too!

The futons are made of premium quality raw materials collected from every corner of the world. DHP has more than 25 years of experience in producing high-quality futons. They use every bit of their expertise in building the most spectacular futons. All of the futons are designed with trending style and utmost comfort.


The futons are comparatively very cheap than others in the market. Comparing with the price point, the futons offer much more than they cost.

After placing an order, the futon is directly shipped to your home address in a tightly packaged box. Everything you need to assemble the futon is sent with it. You just need to follow the instructions from a manual and join the futon.


DHP is a trusted company. Over the years, they have sold hundreds of furniture to many customers all over the world. With DHP futons, you get a one-year manufacturer warranty. So, there is no way to doubt them.


As mentioned earlier, DHP has produced some models of futons over the years. All of these models are different from one another. They have their features, specifications and price point.

An Overview of DHP Emily Convertible Futon:

DHP’s Emily Convertible futon has become the top pick for many customers due to its superior comfort and flexibility. There are four different colors to choose from: gray, black navy linen as well as vanilla. The legs are made of chrome metal which gives a modern finish to the futon. You can just pair it with a lounger for a roomier sleeping place. With DHP’s Emily Convertible futon, you can sit, lounge or sleep comfortably.


When folded, its dimension is 32x71x34 inches. So, it can fit snugly into a small area. When unfolded as a bed, the sizes are 70x43x15 inches.


Whether you sit, lounge or sleep on Emily convertible futon, you will find it very relaxing and blissful. The overall dimension of this futon is perfect for any small place, living room, office or a studio. You really can’t go wrong with this futon. The chrome metal legs not only provide a modern finish but also offers a tremendous weight support. The seat has a height of 16 inches and depth of 23 inches. The futon is made of excellent quality materials that are easy to maintain too. For daily cleaning, you can just use a clean cloth and wipe off the dust from the futon.


The futon converts from a sofa into bed effortlessly. Also, when you order, it is shipped directly to your doorstep within a convenient package. You do not need to go through the hassle of sending the futon personally. All will be done for you! DHP also offers other furniture pieces such as loungers that can be matched with Emily convertible futon.


When it comes to appearance, DHP’s Emily convertible futon will give you much flexibility. As it is available in multiple colors, you can easily choose the one that best suits your interior décor. You can also buy additional loungers with the futon which makes a complete set. The futon has faux leather cover. It is not only durable but also very straightforward to clean. You can spot clean it with a cloth effortlessly. Faux leather is also a great alternative to expensive leather that is hard to take care of.


The futon has an overall weight of 240 lbs which makes it very easy to move from place to place. The assembly of the futon is also very straightforward. There is an instructional manual sent with the futon in the package. Following the instructions, you can set up the futon within minutes. The multifunctional feature and unique design make this futon worth to have indeed.

DHP Emily Convertible Futon is very popular among the customers for its sleek and space saving design. The futon is very fashionable with its round edges, tufted upholstery and chrome metal legs. All of these offer the futon a modern, classic look that suits any interior décor. The futon fits perfectly in the most room.


Thanks to the high built-in technology, the futon can be transformed to lounge or a bed within seconds. It doesn’t require much effort at all. The split back design adds more versatility to the futon than most would think possible. With the divided rear feature, you can split the futon into two parts. Each part can be positioned individually. Moreover, you can unfold both pieces to make a luxurious bed when sleeping. The futon comes in different colors such as Black, Brown Linen, Burgundy velvet, Gray linen, Gray velvet, Navy linen, Tan velvet and Vanilla white. With all these options, you shall surely find the futon that best suits you and your home.


Features at a glance:


DHP Emily convertible linen futon has a modern design that fits into any room. The sleek outlook and space-saving dimensions made this futon very popular in the first place.

It offers three positions to relax: sofa, lounge, and a bed. The split back design lets you position each half of the futon at different angles independently. It is a unique feature that most other futons in the market don’t offer.


You can complete the set by pairing the futon with chaise, chair and ottoman.

It is shipped directly to customer’s address in a convenient package. The assembly is very straightforward. You just need to screw the different parts together.


The chrome metal legs offer a shine to the design. They can also bear up to 600 pounds of weight. So, two or three adults can enjoy the futon comfortably.

Comes in multiple colors and sizes to suit any interior décor.


The dimension is 45 x 36 x 13 inches which are perfect for fitting into any small areal, room or office. The futon weighs only about 82 pounds which makes it very lightweight and portable.


  • The cover is made from faux leather which is an excellent alternative to high maintenance expensive leather.
  • It is imported
  • The chrome metal looks offer a modern finish to the futon. They also make the futon very sturdy.
  • The split back design is awe-inspiring. It lets you and your friend relax at the desired comfort level.
  • You can convert the futon from couch to bed and lounge effortlessly. It only takes seconds to transform.
  • Comes in four colors. So, you have the liberty to choose the one that best suits your interior décor.
  • With the futon, you can pair an additional Emily Chaise Lounge for transforming it into a queen size bed.
  • The futon has an overall weight of 240 lbs which is deemed as very lightweight. You can move it from place to place without making a sweat.
  • The dimension of the futon is perfect for fitting into any small size room. It serves as a great alternative to a regular bed. You can also use it in a bedroom as a secondary bed.


Minor Flaws:


  • There is no instruction manual directly sent with the futon. The assembly process is so straightforward that you don’t even need any. However, if you still want to have a look at the instruction manual, go to DHP’s website. Don’t forget your product code.
  • The futon has a faux leather cover which is not really genuine leather. However, many customers see it as a blessing as faux leather is much more comfortable to maintain and cheaper than real leathers.
  • Only one adult or two kids can sleep on it comfortably.


Why should you choose Emily Convertible Futon?

The futon is made from very soft materials which provide not only serious comfort but also very durable. Thanks to the high-quality raw materials, the futon is very long lasting. Having a very compact design, the futon is ideal for using in a multipurpose room too. Folding and unfolding of the futon is quite straightforward. The cover is made of faux leather which is very durable. The faux leather is very easy to maintain than actual leather. You can easily spot clean it with a piece of cloth. Moreover, the faux leather adds durability to the futon. The futon comes with two cushions which help a lot when relaxing. The pillows are firm and can handle rough daily use. The mattress is filled with super soft polyester and foam for offering you the most comfortable experience.


The build quality of the futon surely looks very sturdy and long-lasting. The fabric is very high quality. Regarding assembly of the futon, it can’t get any easier than this. All you need to do is screw the parts together with a screwdriver. From start to finish, the whole process may take roughly about 20 minutes. Considering all aspects, I think this futon is undoubtedly worthy of investing.



It is directly shipped to your address in a convenient package. The manufacturer ensures no harm to the futon while shipping. The package also contains an instruction manual for assembling the futon. According to most of the reviews on Amazon, it only takes about half an hour to set up the futon from start to finish. All in all, Emily convertible futon offers most of the features of an expensive futon but costs very cheap.


Final Verdict:

DHP Emily Convertible linen futon is not free from flaws. However, if you consider the price point, they are not deal breakers at all. This futon offers much more features than it costs. The modern appearance, high customizability, and space-saving design make this futon perfect for any living space. For the low-end price and high-end features, Emily Convertible futon has been the top pick for many customers. International sites like Wayfair also recommend it to their customers. Being ideal for use in a study room or guest room, you will surely not regret buying this futon.