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The DHP Aria Futon Review: Should You Buy It?

The concept of futon has developed in incredible ways over time. In the past, futons were nothing but a roll-up mattress that could be stored away when not in use. Then came a slightly updated version: a mattress with a metal frame. They were not very comfortable at the time. But thankfully, futons have developed considerably in shapes, size, color, built-in quality. Now, futons are designed to offer you a fantastic experience with superior comfort. They are built with a robust frame and sturdy materials as well.


These days, there are so many companies manufacturing futons every day. DHP (Dorel Home Products) is one of the ones which stand out from their competitors. DHP has been producing futons for more than quarter of a century. Their futons are a combination of trending style, excellent materials, and utmost comfort. DHP makes all their futons from the very best raw materials collected from every corner of the world. DHP believes in producing futons with best quality materials without compromising an ounce of comfort.

Why does DHP stands out from other companies?

  • DHP has been producing futons for more than 25 years. All these time they put their effort into creating the best futons. They believe in quality, not quantity.
  • The futons are manufactured with the very best raw materials collected from every corner of the world. They are very sturdy and durable.
  • DHP’s futons offer ultimate comfort to the owner. Moreover, highly functional futon lets you relax in any way you want. You can set the futon as a sofa, couch or bed easily.
  • The futons are highly versatile and come in multiple colors. You can choose the one that suits you best.
  • After placing an order, the futon is directly shipped to customer’s address in a box. The assembly is very straightforward and doesn’t require any additional set of tools.
  • DHP is a trusted company.


They have been delivering high-quality futons to customers for more than 25 years. If you are still skeptical, then keep in mind that every futon comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. So, you can quickly change the futon if you don’t like it. Or return it for a full refund as well.


DHP has produced numerous models of futons. All of them are different from each other in some aspects. However, the model that has gained quite a popularity is DHP Aria Futon.

In this article, I’ll give you a lengthy review on DHP Aria Futon, its features, specifications, limitations, and lastly, if you should consider to invest in it.


An Overview of the DHP Aria Futon:

DHP’s one of the most renowned futon is Aria. The main feature of Aria is its bright white faux leather cover which makes any room pop. The cover is also sturdy and last for a long time. It is very straightforward to clean too. All you need is some clean cloth for spot cleaning it. The assembly of the futon is also rapid and easy. There is no need for any additional futon-building tools. Most of all, the futon comes with a 1-year warranty.


DHP Aria futon is a combination of style, comfort, and sturdy. It is perfect for use in any small area, office or a guest room. You can also use this futon as a secondary bed in a bedroom. The bright white color of the faux leather upholstery matches with any décor. This single piece of furniture will surely make any room pop.


Like most other DHP futons, the mattress of Aria futon can be a bit firm. However, it will soften up with continued use. For sleeping purpose, you can add a mattress pad for additional comfort. According to the manufacturer, the legs of Aria futon are tan in color. However, some customers said that there is a green tint on the legs. If you compare with a regular size futon, Aria is a couple of inches smaller. The futon has the perfect dimension for fitting into any studio or small size office. It comes at a very affordable price range too.



  • The most significant functionality of the DHP Aria futon is its upbeat white faux leather cover. The bright white color goes with any interior décor. Moreover, the upholstery is tufted which gives it a more classic look. The detailed stitching makes the futon more gorgeous.
  • The faux leather cover is straightforward to maintain. You can spot clean it with only a clean damp cloth.
  • The frame is wooden. So, it doesn’t weight much like a metal frame but offers the same sturdiness.
  • It has a compact design that merely fits into any tight space.
  • Unlike most other futons in the market, DHP Aria can be used in three positions: sofa, lounge, and bed. So, you have the liberty to enjoy it in any way you desire.
  • The assembly of the futon is very straightforward. There is no need for extra, costly tools.
  • The futon weighs only about 74 pounds which is very lightweight. So, it has excellent portability too.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.



  • The mattress can be a bit firm for some customers.
  • The color of the legs may not match with the picture.



  • Weight: 74 pounds
  • Dimension: 32x69x29″
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Assembly: needed


Should you invest in the DHP Aria futon?

DHP Aria futon offers many promising features at a meager price. The futon is perfect for use in any small area. Surely it has some flaws, but they are not deal breakers. If you find the mattress too firm, you can add an additional mattress pad for extra plushness to satisfy your level of comfort that you require.


The futon has a very compact design which makes it ideal for tight space. You can also position it in three ways: sofa, lounge, and bed. So, this futon offers you the ultimate comfort in any way you want. The bright white tufted faux leather upholstery makes it gorgeous in the first place. It is also effortless to clean. Moreover, the futon is shipped directly to your address after placing an order. You don’t have to go through any hassle yourself.


So, considering every aspect, I would say DHP Aria futon is worthy of investing in.

My Final Verdict:

Despite some of its flaws, DHP Aria appears to be a very promising futon. If you are looking for a small futon that will make your room pop and cost very little money, DHP Aria futon will be the best choice for you.