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The College Futon Guide – Best Futons for College

Almost everyone can agree, futons are perfect for small places like college dorms and apartments. In college, students often suffer crammed bed space. We all remember those days! College students could really benefit from the flexibility a futon offers.


If you’re a student, you’ll find futons a neat way to conserve space and add an extra bed for those late night study sessions. During the day, you can keep it as a sofa, then at night convert it into a bed as you lounge out with your study buddy!  You should know there are many types of futons available on the market these days from many different brands, all offering similar features. But they’re not all suitable for college dorms.


In this article, you’ll get a detailed review on how to choose the best futons for college along with a list of my personal list of my favorite for your college experience.


Questions to Ask Before Buying a College Futon:

Your ideal college futon should include some specific features. Ask yourself these questions before committing to purchase:


How Does it Fold?

Most of the futons these days are bi-fold, meaning that they can be folded down once to convert to either a bed or sofa. However, you might also find tri-fold futons that you also may as a lounge.


Is it Easy to Clean?

Let’s be real: college dorms aren’t the cleanest! You’ll want a futon to endure your entire university career. You should only purchase ones that have removable covers that you can dry clean. Otherwise, you can try applying some home products to them.


What Type of Frame is It?

A college futon should have a structure that is durable yet lightweight. As you progress each year of college, you’ll be moving back and forth between dorms and home. Thus, you’ll want a futon that’s easily collapsible and able portable. The frame should also be sturdy enough for holding at least three people. Usually, manufacturers create futons frames of either wood or metal. While wooden frames offer a more classical and modern appearance, metal ones are more durable and affordable.


The Best Futons for College:

Let’s get to exploring my personal favorites during my college years! In my opinion, here is a list of best futons for college:


1 – The Hudson Futon:

The Hudson futon offers the ability to customize to any of your dorm needs. The mattress has a depth of 8 inches, giving ultimate comfort while you get much-needed rest for your studies. Another great feature is that you can flip the mattress over when one side gets stained or wears out.


The Hudson futon offers a modern outlook with relaxing armrests on either side. The futon also includes side pockets, which are great for storing your textbooks. The assembly of this futon is also very straightforward. Overall, it is an excellent futon for using in college dorms.


The cover is made from microfiber, allowing you to clean it effortlessly. It catches spilled liquid before it gets absorbed by the mattress. For college students. The maintenance of this futon is effortless.



  • Works great as either a sleeper couch or comfortable bed
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • modern appeal
  • Microfiber cover
  • Side pockets and armrests



  • Bit larger than average futons
  • Not an easily removable cover


If you have enough space in your college dorm, then this futon will be an excellent choice for you.


2 – Room Essentials Grey Linen Futon:

The Room Essentials Grey Linen Futon consists of a very minimalistic design. Its legs are cylindrical and silver in color; thus, sure to give your dorms a sense of fresh style!


This futon is very simple yet prominent looking. The cushions are a simplistic gray. Six metal legs support the wooden frame for optimal support. High-quality foam fills the mattress to give you a beautiful night’s rest.


The futon is only 70.5 inches wide. So, it has the perfect width for fitting into college dorms. Three adults can sit on it comfortably. The futon weighs just about 63.6 lbs., making it ideal for a college experience. The futon is also very easy to assemble from start to finish.



  • Perfect size for college dorms
  • Lightweight
  • Minimalistic design for a modern appearance
  • High-quality foam for extra comfort



  • No armrests
  • Smaller than the average futon


If you are looking for a modern futon that has a simple design yet very comfortable and handy, then this is the futon for you.


3 – Dorel Madison Futon:

A unique feature of Dorel Madison Futon is it has built-in cup holders which are great for college students. Students can place their cup of coffee, tea or other beverage while they study away!


The futon is 72-inches in length, an ideal length for most college dorms. Three students can sit on it comfortably. You’ll have no trouble at all when unfolding or transporting the futon. When unfolded, the futon resembles a twin size bed. However, It doesn’t have a distinctive appearance like most other futons in the market. It more appears like a standard couch.


The flexibility of this futon makes it great for any college student. Though, you might find the lack of armrests less than desirable when sitting. The faux leather cover is a solid black, and relatively easy to clean with a damp piece of cloth.


The mattress has a depth of 6 inches which is pretty much comfortable for sleeping and sitting. All in all, it is an excellent futon for using in college dorms.



  • Cup-holders
  • Easy to clean faux leather cover
  • Straightforward unfolding
  • Reasonable priced



  • Lack of armrests


Though there are some apparent drawbacks, overall, The Dorel Madison is a suitable futon for college use.


So, this is my list of the best futons in college. All of these futons are highly customizable and lightweight with a stylish appeal. As a college futon, you can choose any one of them without any hesitation!