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The Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon w/ Coil Mattress Review: Features, Limitations and Final Verdict

If there is limited space in your apartment, then the best furniture purchase is a futon. Futons are versatile 2-in-1 furniture pieces that can be used as both sofa and a bed. Though futons originated in Japan, now they are widespread and popular all over the world. Why? It’s simple. They help make the most out of a limited living space.


The futon is also the most economical solution to the limited space problem. It doesn’t cost much like a regular bed, yet provides the same level of comfort.


Better Homes and Gardens (Widely known as BHG) has been producing high-quality futons for quite some time now. Their motto is to create the best quality futons at the lowest possible price.


Better Home and Gardens tries to maintain the latest trending style in their futons without compromising any comfort. The futons come in multiple colors, shapes, size, and techniques.


So, you can get a futon that best suits your need.


Why are Better Homes and Gardens Futons are popular?

  • They are high-quality, customizable futons in an affordable price range
  • The mattress has encased coils in it to provide superior comfort. It also makes the bed very durable.
  • The frame is light yet very strong. So, you can quickly move the futon from place to place.
  •     The dimensions are perfect for fitting into any small area, office or living space. All of their futons have a sleek design that is perfect for little places.
  • The legs are very sturdy and can bear up to 600 pounds of weight. So, two or three adults can relax on it.
  • All the futons have different styles, shapes, and colors. Thus, choosing one that suits your interior décor won’t be a problematic at all.


As mentioned before, Better Homes and Gardens has produced numerous models of futons over the years. Each futon has its features, specifications, and limitations.


In this article, you’ll get a comprehensive review of Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon with coil mattress. By the end of the article, you’ll know about its features, specifications, limitations, and at last, my final thoughts about this futon.


Why Purchase The Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon (With Coil Mattress)?


Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm futon is often considered as the best option for any modern living space.  The futon is highly customizable. You can use it as a couch by day and a cozy sleeper sofa by night. The conversion from sofa to bed is very straightforward and takes only seconds. The contemporary design with a rich wood finish suits perfectly with any interior décor. The solid wooden arms are not just for comfortable sitting, but also they are very robust. The frame is of metal and very durable.


The thickness of the mattress is 8 inches. It is designed to provide the owner the best comfortable experience. The mattress has 522 independently encased coils in it with high-quality foam. The encased coils support you entirely whether you are sleeping or sitting on the futon while the foam provides you ease and durability to the mattress. The cover has a soft twill and a natural taupe design that easily blends with any décor.


The Better Home & Gardens wood arm futon is a combination of style and comfort. It will surely

enhance the look of any room.



  • The futon is very customizable and functional. It can be transformed from sofa to sleeper within seconds.
  • The construction is very robust yet lightweight. The frame is made of metal which is very durable. The legs are wooden and can bear up to 600 pounds of weight. So, the futon can bear two or three adults comfortably.
  • The mattress is very cozy and durable. It has 522 independently encased coils in it to provide you complete support whether you are sleeping or sitting on it. There is also high-quality foam which makes this mattress extremely luxurious.
  • The wood arm futon has a sleek design which is perfect for limited space. The dimensions of this futon are ideal for fitting into any small area, office or a guest room. You also have the freedom to use it as a secondary bed in any bedroom. It is an excellent choice for unexpected overnight guests.
  • The futon has high portability which makes it easier to move it from place to place.
  • There are side pockets with the frame which come in very handy if you want to keep pressing stuff in them.



  • Some reviews on Amazon says that the mattress sheet and pad don’t fit.
  • The frame is of metal which is not as modern looking as a wooden one.



  • Dimensions as Sofa: 82″L x 39″W x 39″H
  • Dimensions as sleeper: 75″L x 45″W x 21″H
  • Dimension of the box: 77.17″L x 29.92″W x 9.84″H
  • Weight when shipping: 150 lbs.
  • Material of the frame: Metal
  • Leg material: Wood
  • Weight limit: 600 lbs.
  • Assembly Required: Yes.


Is this futon worthy of investing in?


In a short answer, Yes. This futon is undoubtedly worth a try for anyone looking for a small futon at a low price. When considering the level of comfort, this futon can surely beat out most other futons in the market. The mattress has 522 independently encased coils in it to provide you the ultimate relaxation. The premium quality foam not only makes it more luxurious but also durable. The soft twill cover has a natural taupe that fits with any interior décor.


The frame is made of metal, so it is quite robust. The wooden arms are perfect for relaxing. The legs of the futon are made of wood and can bear up to 600 pounds of weight. There are also side pockets included with the futon for storing necessary stuff. It also has an ideal dimension for fitting into any small room, office, or studio. So, considering all the aspects, I am sure that you won’t be disappointed after giving this futon a try.

My Final Thoughts:

You can find an excellent mixture of style, comfort, and functionality in Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon. It is true that the futon has some limitations. However, they are not deal breakers considering the price point. It is an ideal futon for any small, modern living space.