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The 3 Best, Affordable Futons – Top Futon’s Budget-Conscious Guide

If the last time you experienced a futon was in college, now it’s time get to reacquaint yourself with the futon world! Unlike the standard ones in the good old college days, futons these days are stylish, modern, made from wood or metal frames and provide optimum comfort on many levels. Many of them almost look like regular sofas.


Along with offering a comfortable place for sleeping, the best feature of a futon is its cost-effectiveness compared to a regular size bed.


Futons can give you the same level of comfort like a proper bed, but cost only a fraction of the price.


Futons of all different sizes and prices have flooded today’s markets. Quality can sometimes become an issue in cheaper futons. You might feel overwhelmed by the massive selection online.


But worry no more!


In this budget-conscious guide, you’ll know about all the best affordable futons that assure of premium quality!


Three Factors You Should Consider in Selecting Your Futon:

It’s a miracle to find an astounding quality yet cheap futon now on the market unless it’s used. So, here are some factors to take in consideration when you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality futon mattress:


#1 – The Number of Legs:

Most of the futons on the market have four legs. Though this setup provides a reasonable level of support, it is not always enough to manage higher weight capacities. Always look for futons that have six legs. The extra two legs usually sit towards the center of the futon. These six legs will provide optimum weight support for 3-4 adults It will also ensure that your futon won’t get sagged just a couple of months after buying.


#2 – Quality of Fabric:

You won’t have a long-lasting futon if the material is of poor quality. Cheap fabric will wear away after just a few months of regular use. Comfort is probably high on your list in buying a futon. Do some research and compare the different types of fabrics, including faux leather, linen or twill. A futon with durable fabric will undoubtedly last longer than most other futons be well worth the purchase.


A typical futon mattress goes through regular use in sitting, sleeping and relaxing. So, you need a fabric cover that can take the pressure of your weight over months and possibly even years to come.


#3 – Arms:

The idea of arms in a futon is more about your personal preference than a requirement. Many people like to place their arms on an armrest. It is also helpful for extra tall people as this may give you additional space.


Top 3 Affordable Futons to Buy

Now we understand what qualities to look for in a futon, here are my suggested affordable futons with remarkable quality:


1 – DHP Euro Sofa Futon Loveseat:

This highly versatile, yet comfortable, futon costs less than $200. The futon is of average size and has beautiful armrests. Usually, futons can be used as two positions: bed and couch. But with the DHP Euro Sofa Futon, you have the luxury to use it as a lounge too! You can quickly lower down one side of the futon. There is also another unique feature that most futons don’t have: pockets on the armrests to store important stuff such as newspapers, magazines, TV remotes, etc.


The frame of the futon is made of wood while the legs are metal, providing excellent support of up to 400 pounds of weight. It also comes in different colors, such as gray, dark gray, purple, navy, light gray and tan. Therefore, you can easily choose the color that best suits your existing décor. The only downside? The back pillow of the futon doesn’t have enough cushion as I’d expect, or like. But hey, it’s not just meant to be a couch I suppose.



  • Can be used as a couch, lounge, and bed
  • Includes sturdy armrests.
  • Storage pockets in the armrests
  • Multiple colors to choose



  • Might feel too firm
  • Lacks comfort in back pillows


If you don’t have any problem with a firm mattress, then this futon will be an excellent choice for you. It is an attractive alternative to a regular bed at a much lower price.


2 – Zipcode Design Adrienne Storage Convertible Sofa:

This Adrienne model Zipcode style futon has many advantages over competitors. It includes a couple of pullout drawers to hold important stuff such as books, magazines, TV remotes, video games, etc. You can also store bed sheets and blankets in them, which you’ll find convenient if you plan to use it for sleeping or napping.


The futon has a soft microfiber cover which is definitely a selling point. High-quality cushy materials fill the futon to make it surprisingly comfortable. The futon can support up to 600 pounds of weight. Therefore, 3-4 people can sit on it comfortably. When unfolded into a bed, it resembles a twin size mattress.



  • Includes pullout drawers
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Super soft microfiber cover
  • Premium quality fabric and cushioning



  • Smaller than most other futons


If what you’re shopping for is a cheap futon with plenty of storage capacity, this one will surely be a good choice for you!


3 – Langria Convertible Futon Sofa Bed:

If you don’t have any worries about the color of the futon, then Langria’s convertible futon sofa bed will be the choice for you. It comes in a single natural grey color, which works with most rooms. It also has a split back design to offer more versatility.


Though the futon offers good weight support, you’ll probably feel confused as you start to assemble it.


Thankfully, this futon has six legs. The extra two pegs are below the center of the futon, so you’ll get additional support in the middle, allowing it to hold 600 pounds comfortably!


The fabric might be a bit firm, but it’s very durable. It’s an excellent option for people who like firm beds.



  • Durable fabric
  • Split back
  • Additional two legs


  • The assembly of the futon can be a bit confusing.


Langria’s Convertible futon works with any décor and offers a reasonable level of comfort at a reasonable price.


All of these futons mentioned above cost very little, but they all provide the best value for your money. Trust me; I’ve done the research – so you don’t have to! As long as you don’t mind a firm mattress, you honestly can’t go wrong purchasing any of these futons.