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The 2018 Futon Shopping Guide – Create the Perfect Living Room Furniture Set

You could never go over the top about the importance of your living room. This is the room where you receive your guests, and probably where they’ll spend most of their time. It’s also the one place where your family spends the most time together.


Furnishing the living room is, therefore, a critical part of your home décor. You need living room furniture that is both practical and stylish. And if you’re on a budget, cost becomes your next fundamental consideration.


To find a futon to matches your living room furniture and also matches all of these considerations may be challenging. But here are some guidelines to make it less sticky.


Start with your floor plan


You don’t have to be an architect, but you’ll undoubtedly need to take some measurements and create a sketch of your floor plan. Drawing out your floor plan does not have to be a grueling precision work – just ensure you decide what will go where. How do you want the furniture to fit in the room? How much floor space do you want to be left?

Ideally, there should be about one meter (one yard) of free space in between the pieces of furniture.


The doorways matter too. Your door needs to be wide enough to allow the futon you intend to buy into the room. It can be unnerving to follow through with the purchase, only to realize that you cannot get the piece into your house. So it’s essential to measure the door space to be sure that the furniture you’re buying will pass through.


Once you have everything figured out, you should be able to have a visual image of how the room will look after the furniture is in place.


Be sure to analyze how the room will be used.


This will significantly influence your plan and determine the kind of furniture you can go for. If your family regularly hangs around the house, you’ll want to buy stain resistant and sturdy furnishings. More presence in the room means heavy usage of the furniture. This translates to more wear and tear and faster accumulation of dirt in the process.

For a living room that experiences only occasional usage and entertaining of guests, delicate fabrics and beautiful furnishings would be good.


Next: Picking your pieces

Ensure you start with the basics. A sofa, a side table, an armchair and a coffee table are often necessary to most living rooms.


You’ll want to think first about these, and how they fit in your overall design before you expand to the more elaborate living room sets.

While at it…


Pick a suiting theme

Decide your desired issue before you go shopping for the pieces. You don’t want to buy first, then realize later that you’re better off with something different. So, decide the theme that works for you right off the bat.


You may decide to go with a modern interior design theme or settle instead for something more classical and traditional. Other famous theme options include casual, contemporary and Old World themes.

Contemporary or modern furniture has clean, smooth lines. The theme mainly utilizes neutral colors including white and beige. Theme conscious furniture stores in Brooklyn will often make it easy for you to identify these categorizations.


A modern theme also tends to feature metal, glass and shiny black lacquer more often than woods.


Formal-looking details including rolled arms and skirted bottoms are associated with the traditional theme. Such furniture choices are elegant. Colors may range from vibrant hues of red to ivory and some other colors.


To pull off a casual theme, you’ll need cozy furniture. The bottom line here is to be friendly in design and feel. Furniture usually makes use of various patterns including plaid, small prints.

Old World furniture, however, combines a myriad of styles and designs of Italian, French and Spanish origins. To create this theme for your living room, choose antique, rustic pieces with deep, earthy colors.


Consider the living room’s natural architecture

Your office might have some built-in design elements that will guide you in deciding the right type of furniture for your living room. Many people get behind the idea that an apartment with a view overlooking the town is a prime candidate for modern furniture.

If you have a small space, it’s more suitable to go for a loveseat rather than a sofa set. A loveseat usually provides seating for two people. Where a sofa would take up a considerable space, loveseats could save you a lot of space and still offer the same level of comfort.


Some living rooms also have rustic fireplaces. If yours is one, you’ll better off go for a cabin décor than stark contemporary furniture. The rule of thumb is to use the key architectural features in your room to guide your decision on the ideal look.


Buying your pieces: aim for longevity

It is imprudent to purchase furniture that will be antiquated only a few years, if not months down the line. Antiquated regarding parts that come off or upholstery that wear out or get torn off. You can avoid this by buying solid furniture with robust leather or fabric and sturdy wood or metal frames


Go for high quality-quality pieces. They’ll likely cost a bit more, but you’ll be grateful you made a choice. They tend to hold up better and for much longer.


Stain-resistant fabrics should be a preference. They are primarily perfect if you have young children who spill things and anytime.


Consider comfort

Anyone wants a comfortable seating. Think about this as you pick your pieces. Buy furniture made of high-quality materials, and you can rest assured of comfort and luxury every time. What is your overall style? The design you choose should fit in with your overall style. Go for fabric that will endure the level of use of your chair. The leather is often top of the range in this regard.

When all is done, it’ll be time to accessorize the living room to reflect your specific taste and personality. There’s no standard for choosing accessories; these should depend only on your room’s design and your personal preferences.