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Mainstays Memory Foam Futon Review: Features, Drawbacks and Final Verdict

Futon beds are the best alternative to large beds that consume a lot of floor space. But do all futons provide the same comfort? Absolutely not! Memory Foam Futons are better than a regular futon in giving you the best sensation of relaxation.


As well as providing all the essential features of a regular futon, a memory foam futon also specializes in providing plush material that contours to your body. If you don’t know what memory foam is, here is a brief explanation:


NASA first developed memory foams for us in their high-altitude planes. It is manufactured from a substance known as viscoelastic, which is highly energy absorbent as well as luxurious. In response to heat and pressure, it molds to the body. When one sleeps on it, the foam evenly distributes his weight throughout the memory foam. Once you get off from the foam, it returns to the original shape.


Now, you have a basic idea of memory foam. You can guess that combining it with a futon bed can give you the best furniture ever for sleeping. As people have different taste, their expectations differ from one another. Some want their futon bed to be extra sinking soft, some likes it in the medium range while the rest wants something hard as a rock. That’s why a memory foam futon bed works brilliantly in this regard.


There are many memory foam futons on the market. In this article, I’ll give you a detailed review of the popular Mainstays Memory Foam Futon.


Why should you choose a memory foam futon?

Whether you already have a futon bed, or you are looking for a new futon bed, a memory foam futon will undoubtedly be the best choice for you. It is also great for people with back pain. Here are just some of the perks of memory foam futon:


Extremely Comfortable: On a scale of comfort, memory foam futons surely win against all other types. Since you probably spend a large part of the day sitting on the futon, its surface will help to preserve the natural curvature of spine instead of forcing the spine to adapt to the surface of the futon. The same things apply when sleeping too. This rare feature surely works excellent if you suffer from back pain.

Eliminates Pressure Points: People sleep differently. Some people like to relax or sit in an upright position, while some want to lounge. Depending on how you want to sit or sleep on the futon, different pressure points will form over time. These pressure points can be painful and bothersome. Memory foam futons eliminate these pressure points and ensure ultimate comfort while you relax at any position you want.


Durability: memory foam futons are more durable than most other types of spring foams in the market. Most of the memory foam futon manufacturers offer at least 10 years of warranty on their futons.

The Mainstay’s Memory Foam Futon:

Mainstay is a well-known brand in the world for their premium-quality memory foam futons. Their futons are perfect for people who don’t have a frame since it’s included. The frame is full-sized and can be used as both a couch and bed.


Mainstay’s Memory Foam Futons have a modern feel to the design. The high-quality fabric with vibrant colors can fit into any room with any décor.


Most of the futons in the market can be used as only a couch and bed. But with Mainstays memory foam futon, you can get an additional position, i.e. lounge. So, it doesn’t matter whether you want to sit upright and work or lay on your back and relax, this futon truly has it all!


As memory foam futon eliminates the pressure points, you won’t feel any pain even if you sit for hours on it. The surface adapts to the curvature of the spine instead of forcing the spine to adapt, so, it is excellent for treating back pain.


The futon comes with a wooden frame which provides a modern look. Wooden frames are now regarded as the best material for futon frames. It is also great from the perspective of appearance. The legs are made of high-quality, durable plastic. The combination of wooden frame and plastic legs make this futon very lightweight and perfect for moving from one

place to another.



  • Faux leather covers that are easy to clean.
  • 5 x 71.7 x 33.5 inches.
  • Weighs only about 95 pounds
  • Very durable construction that can hold up to 600 pounds of weight.
  • You can use it as a lounge along with couch and bed.
  • Comes with a wooden frame, so you don’t need to go through the hassle of buying a frame separately. The wooden frame is very well constructed and provides a modern appearance.
  • The memory foam adapts to the curvature of the spine. So, it is great for people with back pain.
  • It eliminates pressure points that form with time. So, no matter how long you sit or sleep on the futon, you won’t feel uncomfortable at all.
  • The legs are made of heavy-duty plastic for maximum durability.
  • Straightforward assembly within minutes.



  • Beware of cats. They can leave scratch marks on the futon.


How Comfortable is the Futon?

The amount of comfort is somewhat relative. The same futon that you think very comfortable can be painful or less comfortable to another person. But, considering the reviews of many customers throughout the world, Mainstays Memory Foam Futon is deemed to be one of the most comfortable futons in the market right now – no doubt because of its memory foam technology.


The combination of memory foam, as well as recycled foam, makes it a precious furniture for anyone. It is not too firm, and of course, it doesn’t sink in either. When unfolded as a bed, two adults can sleep on it comfortably.


Final Verdict:

This futon will work great in any small apartment, office, or college dorm. Considering the price it costs, it offers much more features than most other futons in the market. With this futon, you’ll surely get an excellent value for money.