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Finding the Best Futon Mattresses for Sleeping

If you’re dealing with crammed space to sleep in your home, then you might find a futon the best option for you. With humble beginnings in Japan, these mattresses serve two purposes:  folding them up to use as a couch and roll it down to turn it into a comfortable bed.


You’ll find futons are often more affordable and mobile than a standard bed. You can quickly set them up in your living room or any other place you prefer. By day, it’ll serve as a sofa, and by night, it can work as a comfortable bed for guests. With futon mattresses, you’ll get ultimate comfort like a regular bed with only the fraction of a price.


In these days, futon mattresses are overly saturated in the online market. But quality doesn’t come in quantity. It is tough to choose a decent futon mattress for sleeping. In this article, you’ll get a detailed explanation of the best futon mattresses for sleeping.


Here are some things to consider before buying a futon mattress:


  • How often you need to use it: do your homework before shopping for the best futon mattress and determine how you need to use it. If you need to sleep on a futon mattress infrequently, then you may get a cheaper one. You can consider a futon mattress made of quality cotton for sleeping periodically. On the other hand, for regular use, you should invest a bit more and get a quality futon mattress for sleeping. A good futon mattress is made of high quality reliable coil-filled material which ensures optimum comfort.


  • Appearance: You also need to think about the presence of the futon mattress before buying. No matter how much comfortable the futon mattress is, if it doesn’t match your décor, it will look out of the place. Consider colors and design that will compliment your existing decor.


  • Comfort: Coil-filled futon mattresses are comfortable but, they lose shape as time passes. On the other hand, memory foam futon mattresses can hold their weight for a much more extended period. People tend to use these types of futons more commonly used as couches.


  • The Number of Folds: There are two types of mattresses: bi-fold mattress and tri-fold mattress. The bi-fold mattress will fold once into two pieces. On the other hand, a tri-fold mattress will fold twice into three individual parts.


With that being said, now let’s get to the meat of the issue: Comparing some of the top futons available today.


Serta Sycamore Double Sided Convoluted Foam:

You can get this entry level futon mattress for less than $200. Though it’s cheaper than most of the futon mattresses in the market, the high-quality features have put it in the limelight for a long time. This double-sided convoluted foam futon mattress has a lot to offer to compare with the money it costs.


Two layers of convoluted foam blanket this futon mattress. It also includes a 4-inch thick cotton pad for extra appealing as well as comfort. You’ll get all the features of a good futon mattress from it. Designed with modern elegance, the box-border construction of the mattress makes it resemble a high-end product. Every component of the futon mattress is all American made, thus made with high-quality materials.


The futon mattress offers a soft, plush feeling when you sleep. A flowing cotton lace decorates the exterior for added comfort and stylish appeal.



  • Cheap yet high-quality futon mattress for sleeping
  • Made with premium quality raw materials in the USA
  • Offers premium comfort with excellent back and neck support



  • Tends to lose shape over time.


If you are interested in getting an affordable yet high-quality futon mattress for sleeping, then this futon is for you!


Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring:

This futon mattress is both affordable and provides many unique comfort features. At a depth of 8-inches, whenever you are sleeping or sitting on it, you will get a smooth plush feeling of relaxation. It ensures ultimate comfort at every level.


The innerspring technology will give this futon mattress a durable finish for decades. Unlike most other futon mattresses in the market, the Serta Cypress offers a back support, which will help those with neck pain. Polyfoam makes up the mattress’ core with a memory microfiber cover sheet, increasing the breathability of the whole futon.


  • Very reliable and durable
  • Offers back support.
  • Combines high-quality foam and microfiber.
  • Pocket coil construction inside the mattress for additional comfort.



  • Not as many aesthetic options as competitors


Serta Cypress is well-rounded futon mattress in an affordable price range.


Mozaic 8-Inch Memory Foam Futon Mattress:

If you prefer a much softer futon mattress than the rest, then you may find this Mozaic Memory Foam futon mattress the right choice for you. The core of the mattress is made with premium quality Visco Memory Foam with a combination of polyurethane material. Whether you are sitting or sleeping on this futon mattress, you’ll feel like you are on a cloud. As well as providing optimum comfort, this futon mattress is very reliable.


The Mozaic Memory Foam futon mattress is very easy to maintain. The cover is made of poly-cotton fabric, so you can easily spot clean it with a clean piece of cloth. You can even flip over the mattress to use the other side, so it should last for a longer time than most others on the market.


The mattress also offers a modern appearance with its elegant lining and stunning color scheme.


This is a top quality futon mattress for sleeping as well as relaxing. Regardless the way how you use it or how much you use it, you’ll surely get optimum comfort from this futon mattress for a long time.



  • Provides optimum, memory-foam comfort.
  • Made of high-quality raw materials
  • Lasts longer than most other futon mattresses



  • Faint smell when the futon mattress is new


So, these are my recommended best futon mattresses for sleeping. All of these mentioned futon mattresses are worth to give a shot. Though they don’t cost much, these cushions offer the most exceptional comfort like their high-end counterparts.