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Buying Guide to Ashley Furniture Futons

The Guide to Finding the Best Bedroom Futons by Ashley Furniture


The bedroom is the hallmark of an impressive house! As your most private sanctuary, it deserves the right color, flare, and pose to meet your tastes. If you’ve taken any time to explore Top Futons, you’ll find over 1000 options of bedroom sets. There are countless possible combinations of styles that favor comfort, storage, or extravagance.


How do you decide on what’s the right futon for you?


When shopping, consider several key factors from this guide.

If you’re still overwhelmed by the end, feel free to give us a quick call!


What’s Your Budget?


Everyone wants the perfect dream bedroom, but we also have to be realistic with our budgets. First, set a reasonable dollar limit that will suit your needs. Take your time and compare prices from different companies. Read a lot of reviews online and form your own opinion. They might all have different payment plans, including financing on credit or a rent-to-own arrangement. Many places will pull you into a deal, but if you want an honest estimate for the best value, the experts at Top Futons are here for you. Check back often online on our website to see any price changes and sales.


Remember, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to buy bedroom pieces over time! What’s the rush? How Much Space Do You Have?


Take some careful measurements! Get the sizes of your current bedroom set furniture for reference. Then measure the room itself, being sure to get accurate measures of every nook and cranny! And, keep notes on where you have any outlets and vents that furniture cannot block. Don’t stop at the bedroom though! You’ll need to move the old furniture out and your new bedding in from outside. Measure the whole path from the front door and down any hallways.


Think about what kind of dolly and carts you could squeeze through to help with the heavy lifting. These steps will make your a lot job easier later on, so you’re not left with any guesswork. You could hire professionals to do labor, but why spend money if you can do it yourself?


Whatever you decide, you probably want to consume as much floor space as possible. So, when you see a bedroom piece you like, write down the measurements and plan out where it would best fit.


What Kind of Futon Do You Want?


When you have determined what you can afford and what you can physically place, the next question is, what bed do you need? After all, you’ll spend most of your time in the room on the couch. The room design may look gorgeous, but uncomfortable or cramped bedding will ruin everything. Some beds may be better for you depending on the room and the occupants.


First, think about the size. For just yourself, a single twin might suffice; but with a partner, you’ll want more than enough space to share. Remember the dimensions of your room! Though they may vary by an inch or two depending on the manufacturer, mattress sizes come in standard sizes:


Twin – 39” x 74”

Twin XL – 39” x 80”

Full – 54” x 74”

Queen – 60” x 80”

King – 74” x 80”

California King – 74” x 84”


If you have kids, consider comfortable bunk or trundle beds to conserve space. There’s also futon sofa beds to accommodate your guests.


Next, you might want to consider what kind of kind of frame the mattress will lay on. There are a few options to meet different styles. The four-poster board or canopy beds will give off an atmosphere of romance and magic. Sleigh beds (shaped just like it sounds) capture the classic appeal you might want. A captain platform bed holds optimal storage below the mattress. A simple platform or panel bed embodies the sleek modern ambiance of luxury.


Then, of course, there’s the material to consider; do you want a kind of wood or metal bed frame? Mahogany, pine, walnut, maple will undoubtedly give a more sense of class, but the metal frames can have a more firm modern look. There are also bed frames built mostly of leather, plastic, or faux wood.


What about the mattress itself? Consider your choices:


Traditional coil spring – these beds are the most common, but also can feel the more stiff and uncomfortable than alternatives.


Pillow Top – these also have the steel springs inside, but add a top layer of soft cushions for extra comfort.


Hybrid – by combining spring coils with one or more layers of memory foams, like polyurethane or latex gel. (Be careful! You could be allergic to latex).


Foam – primarily these beds uses foam layers of support, like polyurethane or similar synthetic material.


Gel – Gel mattresses use a gel infused material, like natural Talalay latex, into the foam material.


Memory – For ultimate comfort and luxury, the memory beds use the latest innovations in viscoelastic and high concentration polyurethane. The mattress will contour and remember your body shape as your sleep!


What Kind of Other Pieces Do You Need?


Okay, so you think you’ve found the right futon, what about the rest of the bedroom? No bedroom is complete without the matching dressers and nightstands!


If you need a ton of storage space, you might need more one dresser. Maybe instead you prefer a more elaborate wardrobe. Remember the dimensions of your room! Do some math to see what you need, can afford, and would comfortably fit. Bedroom chests are usually much taller than typical dressers. Some crates are built a bit smaller and designed for holding lingerie or jewelry. You can indeed be creative in storing your private keepsakes. Having more than enough space for clothes can ensure they are always crisp and wrinkle-free.


Nightstands are excellent add-ons for both practical storage and a stunning display. Some have pullout drawers, panels, or both. Ideally, you’ll want a nightstand at the same height as your bed for easy access (for example, to shut off that alarm in the mornings!). Some have lamps attached, but you could also get a plain one and place your light source on it. Gentle light pouring from your nightstand can allow for easy reading. If you have a full-sized bed or larger, you might want to consider having a nightstand on either side of the bed. That way, you and your partner don’t have to share one!


If you have the money, you could also invest in a TV stand or office desk. You could turn the bedroom into more than just your sleeping quarters! Throw in some art and maybe a rug! Be creative!


What Style Fits Your Preference?


Finally, we get to the fun part of looking at colors and beautiful designs!


You might want the bedroom to match the theme of the rest of the house, whether it’s rustic and vintage, earthy and wooden, or more polished and modern. Think about what colors meld together and flow with your tastes. Maybe you find cool blues relaxing. Perhaps you prefer vibrant red and orange hues!


If you are planning a room for your children, there are a lot of possible themes around cartoon characters or toys.


Sky’s the limit with your imagination, but you might find bedroom design stressful! Don’t worry! Top Futons already has available complete bedroom sets with a diverse array of color patterns and fabrics! However you decide to layout the bedroom, we have the right furniture for you!