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Best Futon Sofa Beds for 2018

Are you suffering from crowded space in your house? Do you need to move often from place to place? It sounds like you need a futon. Don’t settle for just any! You deserve the best in comfort and affordability. But, how do you find which futon is right for you? We already know futons are very versatile and handy – making them an excellent purchase.


Out of all these different types of futons, there is a way to narrow down the best futon for you.


The first thing to consider is how much space you have for a futon or how much space you’re trying to save when purchasing a futon. If you are one bedroom short of what you need, then there are two main solutions: either get a bigger house or an extra bedroom. But both of these cases are expensive. This scenario is where a futon comes into play.  It is a highly customizable piece of furniture that can be used as a sofa by day and a bed by night. You can use it in the living room or office room as a temporary bed or an extra mattress in one of your bedrooms. They are perfect for sleepovers for guest or just a temporary solution to your crowded living space.

A General Overview of Futon

Futon helps to make the best out of a limited place. It is a very cost-effective solution to a shortage of bedrooms. There are two types of futons depending on the frame: they are a bi-fold futon and tri-fold futon. Typically bi-fold futons are most common in the market. A typical bi-fold futon has arms, legs and can be folded to form a bed. The tri-fold futons have the mechanism to be folded three times.


The frames are made of metal and wood. Wooden frames are more expensive than the metal frames. Premium polyester foam, cotton, or innerspring fills the futon mattress, giving you a variety of comfort levels.


Futons come in multiple styles, colors, and appearances. They are very compact in design and fits perfectly in a small place.


Your Guide to the Top 3 Futon Sofa Beds:

The popularity of futon sofa beds has increased a lot since its origin back in 1982 Japan. Now, the market is filled with hundreds of types of futons. But with increased market quantity, quality decreased as cheap imitators flooded stores.


After thorough research, I’ve prepared a list of three best sofa futon products that are affordable yet provide excellent quality in comfort and design. Here is a short review of them:


1 – DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed:

DHP stands for Dorel Home Products, the world-famous American furniture manufacturer. Their futons are stylish, comfortable yet cost-effective. While DHP offers dozens of futon varieties, the Emily model is one of the most popular futon models.


This futon has a split back design which allows one part of the futon for sitting and the other half for sleeping. The legs are made of metal which provides good weight support. The faux leather cover offers durability and is very easy to clean. By following the directions, you can quickly assemble the futon in less than an hour.


The default color of this futon sofa bed is vanilla which suits well with any room. Thanks to the metallic legs, the futon is also very sturdy. The design is very compact and doesn’t compromise much space. It is a perfect futon for both home and office use.


  • Versatile split back design.
  • Metallic legs offering good weight support.
  • Affordable price range
  • Made of durable faux leather


  • Can lose shape after extended use
  • Needs a little bit of maintenance


If you are suffering from crammed room space, then this futon will be a good choice for you.


2 – Eldorado Futon Brown Finish Frame:

The Eldorado futon has an appearance that suits any environment. Whichever décor you have, whether rusty, modern, country or cottage style, the futon will fit perfectly. If matched with the proper accessories, it also provides a unique outlook on the home.


The frame is made from hardwood which is manufactured with side-loaded technology. It makes the sliding from sofa to bed very easy. The mattress is filled with 8-inch microfiber fabric which provides ultimate comfort. It is also hand-tufted. The whole design offers high levels of satisfaction whether you are sleeping or sitting.

This futon sofa bed is perfect for regular as well as occasional usage. You do need to assemble the futon, but with the directions given, it is a straightforward task. Vacuum pack technology is used to ship the mattress, making it less costly. This futon is durable, sturdy, comfortable and offers good value for money.


  • Appearance to suit any environment
  • The easy-loaded technology makes the conversion from sofa to bed very easy
  • The hardwood frame makes the futon strong and sturdy
  • Assembling the pieces is very easy. Just check the manual and follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • The futon comes with an excellent package.


  • Heavy than most other futons.


3 – Arden Futon Set:

If your first preference in a futon is comfort, then Arden Futon set will be perfect for you. It is a very cozy sofa that easily turns into a luxurious bed. The futon is armless so that you can fit it into small places. As we all know less is more, the minimalistic design of the futon makes it more attractive and luxurious. This particular one is a queen size futon that converts into a queen size bed.


You can use this futon set in three positions: sofa, lounge or a bed. The mattress has a depth of 8 inch which provides ultimate comfort and support. It is filled with high-quality foam and poly cotton. There is also a twill cover that protects the internal contents of the futon. As the futon is made from premium quality raw materials, it is worth every penny it costs.


The Indonesian manufactured hardwood frame of the futon is 100% eco-friendly and doesn’t have any adverse impact on nature. This high-quality natural frame provides superior support for the weight. There is also a four years warranty of the manufacturer that comes with the futon.


  • Can be used as bed, sofa or lounge.
  • Super comfortable and luxurious.
  • Twill cover protects the internal contents from lumping.
  • Hardwood frame is 100% environment-friendly and very sturdy.


  • The frame and mattress are shipped independently. So, there is a possibility that they may not arrive at the same time.


So, this is my product guide on the best futon sofa bed that gives the top value for money. All of the three futons mentioned in the list are comfortable and built with a sturdy frame. You can easily choose any one of them for exceptional quality and durability.