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Affordable Futon Bunk Beds in 2018

Why Should I Buy a Bunk Bed?


Affordable bunk beds save space, and they are economical. There are various models – from a standard bunk bed to the triple loft bunk beds. They vary in price from the most affordable bunk beds made of metal, softwood or solid plastic frames to more expensive models with hardwood desks. Whatever your needs and budget, Top Futons has you covered.


Are bunk beds safe for children? Of course! Just follow some safety precautions, and they are perfectly safe for any family. Always check the equipment and make sure that bunk beds are age appropriate. Don’t forget to check for sturdiness and other maintenance needs routinely


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What Makes Bunk Beds Special?


Bunk beds maximize floor space by allowing two or more people to sleep in the same area. You’ll commonly find them places like college dormitories, hostels, ship or army garrisons. They work perfectly for families with multiple children!


Bunk beds are two beds stacked on top each other, usually supported by posts at the four corners of the bed. A railing typically surrounds a bunk bed top layer to prevent someone from falling. Due to a need for a ladder to reach the second layer, some may not believe they are suitable for children under six, but we offer smaller, low lying alternatives than traditional models.


Loft beds are similar to bunk beds, yet lack a lower foundation. Instead, people often use that space for storage or other furniture, like desks. You could even put an ordinary bed underneath it. Loft beds with offices are one of our most popular items!


Different Types of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds come in all shapes and sizes! Some aim to optimize comfort, storage, style, or some combination! Here are just some of the bunk bed varieties of 2018:


The Standard Bunk Beds – the most common and basic model with two same size mattresses stacked one above the other.


Twin Over Full Bunk Beds – Very similar design as the standard, but with the upper bed as a twin size and the bottom a full-size mattress.


Full Of Fluff Bunk Beds – Both layers hold a double (full) mattress, meaning this model allows for four people to sleep in it comfortably.

Futon Bunk Bed – Designed like the standard, but the lower bunk is a futon couch that can convert to a bed at night. This allows you to save even more floor space!


L-Shape Bunk Bed – The bottom bed is at a right angle to the top bed. So when one looks from the top, they’d see an L shape. This creates additional space along the supports that you could use for a bookshelf or pull out drawers.


Loft Beds – The best at utilizing space at the cost of one layer for sleeping. Get creative with that bottom space! You could use it as working area with a desk, storage or for storage with a chest or dresser. In a small room, you could even try using the wall space again on the lower loft level! Some even tuck a trundle bed under while also retaining drawers and workstations. Because some loft beds have built-in work or storage areas, they tend to be more pricey than ordinary bunk beds.


Triple Bunk Beds – These models have an arrangement of three mattresses in one unit. They might all appear stacked at once, in an L-shape, or corner design. In such a system, a loft is usually perpendicularly attached to the bunk bed.


Are bunk beds safe?

You might have asked yourself, “aren’t bunk bed dangerous?” Rest assured: the bunk bed scare is way overhyped! If your children do not fall off a standard twin bed, it’s not likely they will fall off a bunk bed either. Build-in railings usually enclose top bunks, or you can choose to install some yourself.


Kids love bunk beds because they fuel their imagination. We offer plenty of creative bunk beds around themes of for boys and girls. However, if you know your children are particularly hyperactive, stick with a standard bunk bed that has a simple staircase or ladder. Fancy castles, cartoon characters, and slides can invite overactive play from the top layer and lead to injury. If the bed looks like a toy, children probably will treat it as such.


Always try to place the bunk bed in the corner of the room. That way walls on two sides can give more support and lower the chances of children falling. If there is no railing surrounding the top bed, install guardrails along the top bunk. Make sure you firmly attach the ladder to the top bunk. Also, put a night lamp nearby so your kid can see the ladder at night. You might not want children under the age of six to sleep on the upper bunk as they may have a difficult time getting up or climbing down safely. Never allow your child to jump on or under bunk beds!


Can Bunk Beds Collapse & When Are Bunk Beds Safe?

Always inspect the equipment as you’re setting it up in the room. Check for all the pieces. Ensure it includes a sturdy ladder that is correctly attached to the top bunk. Also, do not let your kids climb the bed frame as it can lead to an accident and weaken the supports.

Always be mindful of what’s age-appropriate for your needs. For example, assign the top bunk for the older or more responsible sibling. For small children, consider our low lying miniature bunk beds. Think of what’s most comfortable for your kids to climb in and out of for bed!


Check bunk beds’ sturdiness. Give a bunk bed a great shake to determine its level of sturdiness. Was it wobbly or was it firm? Most of the bunk beds can be adjusted. Replace your old bed with a new, safer one if you find that the bunk bed joints become loose often.

Do not forget to perform regular maintenance. Check the slats, which hold the mattresses, have not become loose. Now and then wiggle the bunk bed to ensure that joints are holding. Wipe the beds down with furniture polish if your bunk beds are wooden. This technique will improve bunk bed’s overall appearance.