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What are the Best Futons for Sleeping?

Futons can be your best friend for sleeping if there is limited space in your house or if there is an unexpected guest. Futons are very stylish, comfortable and convenient Japanese beds for comfortable sleeping when there is no room for you in the house.


What is a Futon?

Futons originated in Japan around the 1980s. They are mattresses placed on a low bed-frame that you can up to convert into a couch. You’ll find them a great alternative to large, standard beds. Futons offer the perfect blend of comfort, style, and flexibility. They’ve exploded in popularity since their invention. In modern futons serve as a chair or couch by day and a bed by night.


3 Reasons You Should Choose a Futon Bed


Compare with a standard bed, futon beds and mattresses are much more affordable. They are made with customized, affordable materials such as polyester, foam, and cotton. Thus, these beds are very flexible and easy to use.


Conserves Space:

Unlike standard beds, you don’t need much space for a futon bed and mattresses. It is a very convenient solution for people who don’t have enough room in their home or working place. The best feature is that a futon mattress serves a dual purpose: a sitting chair by day and a sleeping bed by night. A futon bed is also a superior choice if unexpected guests arrive at your house for a night over.


Customizable Look:

Futons have the significant advantage to be customized very easily. You can quickly change the outlook of your futon mattress just by changing the cover. The futon frames are easy to replace or modify too. There are so many options to choose from to create the perfect decor for any living space. You can select a wooden frame for a classic look or a metal frame to bring a modern appeal to your apartment.


Best Futons for Sleeping:

As mentioned earlier, futon beds have gained much popularity since its invention. As a result, there are now thousands of futons in the market. But, all of them don’t offer the same premium quality for sleeping. So here are my top 3 picks for best futon beds for a well-deserved rest:


1 – Divano Roma Furniture Modern Plush Tufted Linen Futon:

The Divano’s Modern Plush Tufted Futon comes in either wood or metal frame bars. When assembled it like a sofa, it has beautifully plush armrests, a firm back, and offers the look of a love couch. The futon also has a shallow profile for a simplistic appeal.


This modern futon comes in multiple colors, including the ever-popular velvet. It is made with a tufted material that provides ultimate comfort and plushness, difficult to find these days! When you unfold to futon to make a bed, it resembles a twin-size bed. Two children or a full grown adult can sleep on it comfortably.


It’s stress-free to assemble or transport



  • Premium Outlook
  • You don’t have to buy any foundation
  • Easy to set up on either couch or bed form.
  • Very durable



  • Twin-size can only comfortably fit one adult
  • Not very easy to clean


As an all-in-all futon bed with modern design, it is sure an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a futon.


2 – Mercury Row Benitez Faux Leather Convertible Sofa:

Though the label is “convertible sofa”, I can assure you that it is a gorgeous futon. Its size is a bit smaller than a regular couch and resembles a love seat. It fits perfectly in a living room, office, guest room or in a drawing room. Mercury Faux Leather Convertible futon can match with any décor, so you don’t have to worry about changing the room’s outlook.


This futon is made of innerspring coils under the faux leather to ensure you maximum comfort. Whether you are sleeping or sitting, you’ll get the most coziness out of it.


The futon has four legs. So, it is very sturdy as well as entirely balanced. It can support up to 600 pounds of weight. This means, two or three adults can sit on it comfortably. When unfolded, the futon resembles a standard size mattress, where at least two adults can sleep on comfortably. You can clean it very quickly with a clean, soft cloth.



  • Built-in frame.
  • Support up to 600 lbs
  • Bold modern look.
  • Easy to set up and clean



  • Non-removable cover
  • Visible metal brackets in the center


This futon mattress is a good solution if you are looking for a combination of a couch as well as a bed for yourself or guests.


3 – DHP Premium Sofa Futon Couch:

When it comes to a futon that is soft and compact, there is no competitor against DHP Premium Futon Couch. DHP’s futons are very slim, customizable, easy to clean, and fits perfectly in a small place. You can also use it as a secondary bed in a bedroom along with a regular bed. This futon is excellent if you have friends for a sleepover.


Beautiful faux leather covers the mattress for a real modern look that’s effortless to clean. The thin legs provide a minimalistic design, but don’t think that they are not sturdy enough. This futon couch can support up to 600 pounds of weight. When unfolded, there is enough sleeping space for at least two full grown adult.



  • Low profile.
  • Modern theme
  • Supports 600 lbs
  • Sturdy and durable frame



  • Lacks armrests


Anyone looking for a futon that has a minimalistic design yet offers extreme comfort, this is the futon for you!


So, here are my recommended three best futons for sleeping. All of these futons are great for relaxing as well as sitting too. Whichever you choose, you’ll surely get good value for money.