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Epic Furnishings Futon Mattress Review: Everything You Should Know

If you have a small living space, you might feel overwhelmed trying to cram in all your furniture together. Luckily, there’s a convenient solution for you: the futon.


A futon is a piece of furniture that makes the most out of a limited living space. You can use it as both a bed or a sofa by folding it up. So, by day you can use it as a couch, and by night it can be turned into a luxurious, comfy bed. The most promising feature of a futon is it’s sleek and flexible design. Most futons can fit perfectly into any small area, which makes them perfect for apartments or college dorms.


Epic Furnishings is a well-known futon manufacturer of futons. They have been producing high-quality futons for quite some time now. They’ve exploded in popularity for their awesome features, including:


  • high-quality raw materials
  • Super comfortable and thick mattresses
  • Built with perfection in mind.
  • Ideal for small rooms and apartments
  • Very affordable given their quality


Epic Furnishings has manufactured numerous models of futons. All of them are distinguishable in their characteristics.

Epic Furnishings Au Natural Futon Mattress:

The Au Natural Futon from Epic Furnishings is perfect for anyone who prefers firm, comfortable mattress. It is carefully hand stuffed with excellent quality cotton which makes the futon very luxurious. The futon is available in multiple colors. So, you can choose the one that best suits your interior décor. However, the covers are non-removable. The futon’s outer fabric is made of heavy-duty, durable cotton twill. This futon is so durable it won’t develop any seams and tufted holes on it over time.


The Au Natural Futon is made with extra care in every detail of its layers by being free of any lumps or tears. The hand wrapped edges ensure that they are of the same thickness as the middle. You’ll experience maximum comfort sitting on this futon. The close zipper system avoids any machine stitch cording which seems unattractive and in some cases uncomfortable. The layers are tufted with 23 nylon tufts which make the layers indistinguishable. The texture of the Au Natural futon is smooth and consistent. The slightly squared edge corners provide a smoother finish to the futon.


The models comes in three sizes: twin-size 39″ by 75″, queen-size 60″ by 80″, full-size 54″ by 75″. So, you have the freedom to choose any size that best fits into your room.



  • Firm mattress that offers superior comfort while sitting and sleeping.
  • The cushion is filled with 14-inch-thick high-quality cotton. It is compressed into a 6-8-inch-thick mattress which lasts for a longer time.
  • Hand-stuffed layers with premium quality fillings. Extra care is given to the details of every sheet so that they are free from lumps and tears.
  • Every edge is carefully hand wrapped to ensure that they are at the same level as the middle.
  • It is a tri-fold futon that comes in multiple sizes. So, you can choose any size you need.



  • Standard Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Colors: Available in more than ten colors
  • Additional Sizes: queen or full-size



As mentioned earlier, Au natural futon mattress is perfect for persons who love firm mattress. It is not very soft like most other futon mattresses on the market. So, it won’t sag with time.


The futon mattress is also designed to provide back and hip support. Thus, there is no need for you to toss and turn the mattress every time you want to sleep on it.


The futon is designed to provide the required inside and outside pressure for long-lasting comfort. The cushion is filled with 14 inches of cotton stuffing which is compressed into 6 to 8 inches of thickness.


The Au Natural Futon mattress gives number 1 priority to the comfort of the owner. Many futon mattresses on the market have the problem that when they are folded into a couch, lumps and tears form over them. However, the Au Natural Futon has every layer carefully hand stuffed by the manufacturer. Each layer is assembled correctly to ensure that there are no lumps between them.


The sides are hand wrapped to allow the edges same height as of the middle surface. This is very important for comfortable sleep and sit. Considering the price point, the futon mattress undoubtedly offers a lot of features and benefits for it costs.


The mattress comes in more than ten colors with non-removable covers. So, it doesn’t matter what interior décor you have. You shall surely find a color that best suits it. Moreover, the mattress is available in three sizes: full size, queen size, and twin size. So, you can pair it with any frame easily.


This futon mattress weighs about 57 pounds. Consequently, it is tough to carry around the mattress from place to place. It will take at least two adults to move this mattress.


As the mattress is quite heavy, it is only suitable for a platform frame. However, the problem is platform frames can be quite expensive for some people.


As mentioned earlier, the mattress is quite firm. So, it’s not best for people who like soft cushions.

My Final Verdict:

One doesn’t need to empty his pocket to have a futon mattress like Au Natural. The affordable price range is perfect for people who are on a tight budget but need a good, firm mattress. Though it has some disadvantages, the advantages surely outnumber them.